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Adopt A Skinball

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After weeks of toiling away in his dark laboratory, Joey has resurfaced with a new horrific monstrosity. An "art object" if you will: SKINBALL SCULPTURES.

Using bits of discarded flap and excess flub, Joey has re imagined the iconic LOLJK Skinball logo as a desktop sculpture. Featuring the beautiful visages of Joey, Kyle, Kim, and Brian, the skinball is made from high durability dental stone, and sealed in a gloss sealer. Each ball is cast by hand, painted by hand, and loved by hand.  The process of creating a skinball is such that EVERY SKINBALL IS UNIQUE. From the tiny imperfections in casting, to the completely re-applied slime to each piece, every ball has it's own unique flavor and love to give. They are all numbered (sequentially) and signed.

Each skinball also comes with it's own containment crate made of painted and laser cut wood, the front plate of which pops off to allow the ball easy access to it's home. 


  • There will, at max, be ONE SKINBALL FOR SALE PER DAY. This is not to say there will always be 1 on sale. One will be put up for sale only when it's completed and ready, but there will be a maximum of 1 on sale each day.
  • FINE ART (FART) PRICING: With each skinball purchase, the prices of the next ball increases by $5. Why? Because Joey needs motivation to keep making the same piece over and over again. (Also he gets better at making them).  So get in early!  Will the price go back down?  Maybe. But not for sure. I'm going to cap the price rise to $100 if indeed we ever get that far. 
  • These will most likely only be available to purchase while Joey is on covid unemployed. It is possible that more will be made later, but no promises. 
  • The current ball up for adoption is the ball in the rotating gif.

This product is not currently for sale.

A handmade handpainted desktop sculpture of LOLJK's SKINBALL.

weight of ball in the crate
.83 lbs
will these be available forever?
Can I name it?
1 Butt
Will it break if I drop it?
It'll chip, but not shatter.
Do I get the one in the pictures?
The one in the rotating gif is the the ball currently up for adoption
ball #6

Adopt A Skinball

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